Friday, June 24, 2011

How Sweet It Is

My daughter has always been vibrant and full of spunk. Her personality is beautiful! When she was first born, she would just stare at me with those huge blue eyes and I'd feel the innocent, dependent, full throttle love she had for her Momma, and was overjoyed because that feeling is obviously returned. She never cried unless she wanted something, like a nap or a bottle. She was very straight forward. Happy when she's happy, mad when she's mad, upset when she's upset. Feelings on her sweet sleeper sleeves. She smiled at everyone but the best smiles were reserved for those special people, especially Daddy when he got home from a long day at work and school!

Now, my daughter is one day away from Double Digit Months. Ten. Months. Old. Omghowww did that happen? If I'm flipping out this much about 10 months old how the heck am I gonna handle One YEAR?!

With this DD Month flying in, so too is her effervescent personality. She started giving kisses at 5 months old. Not your normal mouth kiss, because Momma was silly and kissed her different. I'd put my forehead against hers and say "Give Momma kiss?" and THEN kiss her lips. So that is how little Vae learned to kiss. Which was completely sweet and tender at 5 months old. Now, doubling that age also doubles the force of her forehead pounding against mine. The sweet kiss now has me wincing so I know it must hurt her! But still she does her kisses in sets of three. One pound, two pound, three pound, then brings her pink lips to mine for a sweet peck followed by the MUAH that her Daddy taught her to say. The small headache is totally worth that little sound effect!
Now she is super silly. She dances even when music isn't playing, but even more when music is.
 Even in restaurants if someone's phone starts jingling, Sister busts a move like there's no tomorrow!

Also, my girl is so determined to learn. She's always been like this, but now her conquests are more advanced so of course they're all the better to watch! We just moved and now have an upstairs. Nevaeh has never seen stairs, let alone thought about going up them. Soon as she saw these carpeted steps leading to God-Knows-&She'll-Find-Out, kid zipped off and tackled the entire flight of stairs before I had time to fully flip out! Needless to say a gate is now permanently in place. She throws balls, claps at the appropriate times, does her "Soooo BIG!" flailing arms before I even get the whole "How big are you?" question out and insists that she feed herself anything that doesn't require a spoon (Did I mention she ate Salmon from O'Charley's last night? Girlfriend is fancy :-) )

But her sweetest...Ohhhh her sweetest killmenowI'minHeaven moments...are her "Momma"s. All day long it's DadaDadaDadaDada, or recently NeeNee and she seemingly calls her big brother Landon. But every now and then, maybe once a day, she sidles up to me on all fours, reaches up for me to hold her, buries her head in my neck then pulls back to look at me with a tiny little grin, then that breathtaking little girl hums "Mmmooommaaa." *Swoons*. That one little word packs so much lovepunch behind it that I almost can't stand it! And she knows how special the word is, that's why it's so amazing. She knows I thrive on that word and she hands it to me like the last Christmas present every kid is extra excited to open because it must be the best one.

I love my girl. Almost to the point it makes me not want to have any more kids because how can I possibly spread this love to anyone else? How could I contain this amount of love and joy twice, thrice, four times over? (I said almost! I do want more :-) ) I am so blessed to know that feeling that no parent can describe, it's literally impossible and you just have to wait for your own to ever understand what we mean when we say "WE LOVE OUR KIDS." I am a talker, I love words, and this is the one emotion that I will never, in my prospective 90-100 years of life, ever be able to explain or convey to anyone else.

How sweet it is <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So thankful

I am thankful for the mess constantly tornadoed through my house, because it means I have a child full of adventurous spirit

I am thankful for the late nights I pull cleaning and catching up, because it means I have a full life and will have an extra comfy bed to collapse onto

I am thankful for the endless baskets of laundry that stay in the washer too long or wrinkle in the basket before folded, because it means I have a family of 4 that does a lot of living

I am thankful for the dishwasher that does not clean my dishes but simply rinses them, because it reminds me that I have two good arms perfectly capable of scrubbing off dried lasagna from the dish from two nights ago

I am thankful for the sinful foods I keep returning to, because it reminds me that I am otherwise healthy and deserve an indulgence

I am thankful for the tanlines I have, because it means I'm outside in the sunshine and it means I have a "ring" etched into my finger to remind me of my marriage

I am thankful for the cramped bathroom not meant for two people, because it means I have a man to be cramped in a bathroom with

My goals this Summer

 Turn Nevaeh into a fish
 Make too many silly faces
 Soak up her sweet smile
Love my family as much as my body can manage + more!