Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color me Decorative

So I think we should just buy a house now. That way I can really just let loose and go crazy with my decorating ideas!! I have so many, and luckily a lot of them are portable so I can do them now and move them with us. My house is slowly being put together with that homey feeling and with me being a SAHM, I just keep getting more and more ideas!

These are things I want to do:
Ok seriously?! What kid would not want this in their room!! This is obviously just a dream right now. But hopefully someday I can do my kids' rooms all fantastic like this!

Now I know what to do with my Grandpa's trunk :-) right now it holds all of his 1950's Encyclopedias, but I plan on getting a bookshelf too so I'll display those so they don't just sit gathering dust!

See those shelves? Made out of fabric! How stinking cute, and I think already have a fabric choice I would use :-) That would be perfect for either the kids' room or once I have an office/sewing room it'd be perfect for sewing magazines

Definitely going and buying this for my car's a plastic cereal container turned car garbage can!

I love upholstering chairs <3 and I have these two short bar stools that look nice but would be comfier with a cushion. Also two tall metal bar chairs, it'll be difficult to make a cushion look nice on it but we'll see!

Garden planter holders! AND this would double as wall decoration :-) Especially since we're not painting while we rent, this is a fantastic idea. and it would get rid of those eye sore tubs holding all their toys!

When we own a house and have a back deck, this would be neat to put on the wall

This is too true to not put on the wall!

This will have to wait until I'm done having kids. This is a crib turned bench! How cute! And Vae has a very cute crib that I could either leave it's dark brown color or paint a more fun color and set outside :-)

My cousins do this with their kids every year on their birthday. Interviews! I'm going to do one with Landon, maybe today to make up for his 3rd birthday, and hopefully make that a yearly tradition!

Ok I'm not a fan of pringles, but Chris will eat them. I hate keeping my pasta in the cardboard boxes, and this is very innovative! I can cover it with decorative paper. I could probably use this for things other than pasta too!

Soon I will post some pictures of the things I've already done around the house. I just have little things done, and I want to have an entire area finished before I take a picture :-) Yay for creativity!


  1. Oh yes, but you should buy a house in PA :) Did you see my comment on your last post. It really made me smile! And that child's bedroom is freaking awesome :)

  2. I think I meant to comment back on the other one but got distracted! I'm glad it made you smile :-) Chris and I love the East coast anyway, so it's a bonus we'd already have friends!