Thursday, August 4, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I've been couponing for a few months now, but today's trip was so Awesome, I had to blog about it! I'm finally getting a good handle on it, and I know I'm only going to keep improving which keeps my blood pumping fast! I get so excited when I see that number tick down further and further with every beep of the scanner :-)
So...*drum roll please* My August 4th Extreme Couponing Extravaganza! (And might I add, I had two very cranky babies with me and I still rocked it!)

First stop was Giant Eagle. They always double their coupons. My first transaction was five items totaling $20, and that followed a deal they had that would give me a total of 11 dollars off my next shopping trip. Scanned coupons and the total was $9. Bonus: The printer didn't print out the two "$2 off your next trip" coupons so they sent me to the customer service desk and they gave me 3 extra dollars for the inconvenience.
Second transaction was the rest of my things. Scanned the previous coupon ($14 off the total) and $11.50 worth of coupons which doubled to $23.

Fuel Points earned: 40 cents/gal
Total at Giant Eagle: $51.48
Amount Saved: $37.03
Total Spent at Giant Eagle: $14.45


Next store was Kroger
I bought a Visa gift card which will give you 4x the fuel points (I used that card to pay for my purchase, I just bought it for the points hehe)
I had received a packet in the mail of coupons from Kroger for being a valued customer (sweeeet). A few of the coupons were for flat out FREE items. I combined those with the coupons I already had, and it was a doubling day (It was hard to get that out of the manager, as to when the doubling days were. But I am a Momma who needs to save money so I haggled the dates out of him!)

Fuel Points Earned: 60 (so 10 cents/gal)...GE's fuel points are better!
Total at Kroger: $61.02
Amount Saved: $33.95
Total Spent at Kroger: $27.07

Tadaa!! I saved a whopping $70.98!!!!!!!! The total spent was $41.52.

63% SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic day it was :-D


  1. so jealous. i've been wanting to try my own hand at the couponing thing, and now i'm thinking i really should. any suggestions? :)


    :-) Go into your grocery stores and ask about their coupon policies. Get their weekly newsletters and their shoppers card if they offer one.

    This website ^^ will help you get started. A lot of people use a Coupon Binder, but I haven't done that, I dunno if I will.

    SO totally worth it! One thing I had to get over was feeling like I was inconveniencing people. The cashiers usually are not happy about my multiple transactions and stack of coupons and my scrutiny on the register, but I learned to not mind. If it saves me money, and they're getting paid to ring me up, who cares?