Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution

Most people either believe New Years Resolutions are stupid and pointless, or they attempt them knowing full well they'll give up by January 2nd, or they just dream about doing something better. I used to fall into all of those categories at one point, and I think it was because of my definition of Resolution. Climb a mountain, write a book, lose twenty pounds. Ridiculous, pointed goals. Setting one high standard and then giving up when I realized it wasn't going to happen.

So this year, I'm going small. Simple tasks that I hopefully would have done anyway, but probably not unless I had this Resolution sheet printed and framed. Which is exactly what I plan to do. Print it in big black font, frame it, and hang it where I am forced to look every single morning. Maybe a new tradition?

My 2012 New Years Resolution(s)

1. Print and organize all the pictures on my computer and place them into photo albums. 
            -I can't hold myself to the expectation of doing the fancy scrapbook work I keep dreaming about. I never accomplished that goal before babies, and I'm certainly not going to accomplish it now. But to get them place IN an album, in some frames and hung. That's all I want. To know that my picture memories are not left to the fate of technology, and I have physical copies that I can touch and preserve and show my kids years from now when CD's are as ancient as floppy disks.

2. To better my use of coupons and drastically reduce our grocery bill
             -This has already been something I'm working on, but I need to keep the momentum going. Consider myself a Work at Home Mom, and my job is Couponing. I will bring in money by saving the money my husband brings home. I cannot wait to see the fruit of this labor. Saving as much money as possible will allow even more luxuries into our lives. Disney World, a house of our own, a new car, college for the kids. So many doors will be opened with more ease.

3.  To move into our new house and paint every single room.
              -This of course won't happen until our lease here is up in June. I am done with townhomes, ridding us of apartments. A house is next, and hopefully one that is OURS or has the potential to be. I will paint every single room, get the decorations how I want them, and finally feel like I am settled into a home for the first time since I lived with my mom (and that's not to say I'm not at home with my husband. It's just to say that we've moved at least once a year for the 4 years we've been together, and I can't fight that feeling of "It's temporary, we should live out of boxes.")

4. Bake brownies from scratch.
               -I love to cook and bake. Love it! I'm starting to get more "Homemade" about it, and have gone 1/4 organic in our house. The one thing I haven't baked from scratch are brownies, and that is unacceptable. This should be an easy Resolution to meet, several times over.

5. To begin working on a book again.
               -Even if I don't finish it (like the hundreds of books I've attempted before). Just something to get my foot back in the door of creativity. Feel my juices flowing, sink into that fictional world that I am completely in control of. Finishing it will be a bonus.

6. Do at least one physical activity every day.
               -Excluding cleaning, playing and sex. Play the kinect, do some yoga, go jogging. Something to get my heart rate up and my scale number down. No set goal on what to lose. Only a goal to gain stamina and satisfaction.

Simple as that! Tasks that won't overwhelm me, and for the most part will truly interest me. Nothing I need to drag my butt out of bed at 5am for, nothing I'll hate myself for if not completed. My resolutions will no longer be things like "Spend more time with family" or "Do more good deeds" because those are a given and should never be a goal I have to force myself to do.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2012 brings many beautiful and prosperous things for you all!

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