Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big boy beds and Tator chunk

Dear Landon,

You are my sweetest man! You have a hard time listening to Daddy and I, but you are 3 and that's exactly what we expect at this age. We are showing you the right way to be, and you are learning! You love your Sister so much, I know you do. I love it when you hold her hand on our walks around the neighborhood, and teach her how to jump!
You got your big boy bed last week. You picked out Star Wars bed sheets and a Transformers comforter. and you have a bright green lizard on your wall. You are very diverse :-p

Dear Nevaeh,

Hello my little slice of Heaven! You are 18 months old, and you are full of personality. Ornery, as you showed today when you were all over the mall playground. Sweet, because you'd randomly run up to give me a big hug. Ornery again because you'd then take off full speed, arms and legs pumping, cracking up! You really look up to your Brother. I see you copying little things that he does. I'm so glad you have him in your life!
You are a picky eater. You used to be my little foodie, but every since you turned 13 months, it's been downhill. Come back my Food Lover!


I knew you were here before any signs. Daddy and I had been trying for you since September, so of course I was looking for signs. I got the same feeling with you that I did with your sister Nevaeh. I just knew you were there. So I peed on a stick 5 days before my missed period. It was so faint, barely there. But it was there! You will be here in early November. I cannot wait to know more about you, sweet baby. Daddy has nicknamed you Tator Chunk!

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