Friday, May 13, 2011

Average Salary of a Stay at Home Mother

Hey Stay at Home Momma's!
Do you ever feel like you're working a thankless job? Like nobody believes you contribute because you don't have a legal government job?
I recently saw a comment by a mother on a blog about figuring out the cost of everything we do. It really got me to thinking, and I decided to do the research! So the next time your significant other tries to say you don't have a real job, throw this in his face!!

When your child is in the baby and toddler stages, you will pay an average of $8,150 per year ($679 per month) according to data from the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies. Costs for daycare for preschool age children average $6,423 a year ($535 a month). That cost is for daytime only. If you were to factor in the overnight childcare (like a live in Nanny) they charge on average $623 a week, or $2,492 a month, or $29,904 a year.
Since we, as stay at home mothers, are with our children 24/7, we'll use the Live-In Nanny amount.

For a medium-sized apartment or house, an individual housekeeper can charge about $100 per cleaning. I personally clean my house once a week. So $400 a month, or $4,800 a year.

Prices for personal chefs start at about $10 per serving (so for a family of 4, that's $40 per meal) With 3 meals a day, that's $120 per day, $840 per week, $3,360 per month, or $40,320 per year. There are also extras that some chefs offer, such as spices from the chef's own pantry, storage containers and vaccum sealing (or freezing) to make the food last longer. Add another $150 to the total. So $40,470 per year for 3 meals a day for a family of four.

The average weekly cost of childcare, housekeeping and cooking: $1,091.75
The average monthly cost of childcare, housekeeping and cooking: $4,367

The Average Annual Salary of a Stay at Home Mother is *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

What was that about not contributing????

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