Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Mess

I was tempted to post pictures of the state of my house, but I think the laughter that would surely follow would send me burrowing into a hole of shame!
We are Grove City bound! Chris was hired as a maintenance technician at the Sherwin Williams factory right outside Columbus :-D :-D Big smiles!! I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard, and I am so happy that it is finally paying off and he is getting what he has more than earned. We are heading there Wednesday night and staying through Saturday so Chris can start training and I can explore the city and find us a place to live. The company has very very gratiously taken the burden off and is putting us up in the Hilton! Fancy!! I am so excited :-) We have to be out of this house by June 1st so hopefully I can find and secure a place this weekend or soon after. Our house is a crazy crazy mess of furniture pushed around to paint the walls back to their original colors, boxes half packed stacked on top of boxes fully packed. All rooms are half organized, bags for Goodwill, a garage stuffed with stuff to be taken to a consignment store. I bought lots of tubs so that all of our storage things will be taken out of cardboard boxes so rain will no longer ruin our things! Needless to say, all this mess in our house has cause a bit of stress. One because there's not a lot of space to move around, and two because we have an 8 month old haha! Poor thing tries to get into everrrrrything and I'm sure she's getting tired of being moved back to her "safe area."
Oh, which reminds me. Her new obsession is the DVD collection. She figured out how to open the doors to our entertainment center and now takes each DVD out one at a time, looks at it, then tosses it aside. If I move to pick them up before she's done she gives me a look that says "What do you think you're doing mom? I'm not finished yet!" And then she'll patiently sit there while I pick everything up, then proceed to pull everything out again. Oh child...
She's standing!! YESSS!! Two days ago, she was trying to get the can of pop on the coffee table (another new obsession) and without even thinking about it just pulled herself to her feet! We went NUTS!! And ever since then it's like second nature. That's one thing I love about her, as soon as she figures something out it's like she's always known how to do it. She doesn't slowly learn something. She studies people and what they do, never really attempting it but you can see the concentration in her eyes as she takes it all in, watching her fingers slowly make the same movements. Then one day she'll just do it, like Nike :-) Like the pop can mentioned above. The first time she got ahold of a can, she grasped it with both hands and tilted it to her mouth, just like we do to take a drink! The kid knows how to drink! She's gotten ahold of Landon's chocolate pediasure and two mountain dews. Wired and sticky! Luckily most of it got on her clothes and the floor then in her mouth haha!
She also got her third tooth :-) Just barely poking out but it's there and it just has a tiny sliver of gum to break through. No wonder she's been so grouchy the past few days!
Hmm I think I'm going to go make spaghetti and homemade meatballs for dinner! yummy!!

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