Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9 Months Old

Where did the time go?! I cannot believe my baby girl is 9 months old tomorrow. She's getting so big and beautiful, and the love I have for her grows with every gummy (but getting toothy!) grin. My heart melts every time I see her little personality bursting through to become a Big Girl.
She has 4 teeth, two bottom came at once, she just finished cutting through her top two at once (they're big and gapped! haha!) and I see the tiny corner of the right bottom one starting to poke through. Busy gums!
She crawls faster than I thought was possible, and she's starting to use one leg so kind of walk/crawl like a dog or something (it's hilarious)
She smiles at everything. She's ticklish (even on her bum! Just like her Mama) She gives this half-chuckle and raises an eyebrow when she thinks something is kinda funny but not really laugh-worthy. She's starting to give real kisses, now she'll start off with her forehead against mine and bring her mouth in for a sweet tender kiss :-) Melts my heart like butter!
She stands against everything, and is starting to cruise a little bit along the coffee table. She'll turn and half-step/half-fall into my lap. She's very very determined! I love that she never does anything half-ass. She studies everything, and when she has it figured out in her head then she just does it. I have no doubt she'll be walking before her 1st birthday.
Her hair is getting longer. I think I can get two tiny pigtails out of it :-) Definitely trying that soon!
She waves, claps, does "So big!" throws herself against pillows cracking up (hopefully she never does that on the floor!) such a happy, calm baby but when she gets mad...oh boy! Ever since birth she is a literal hot head...she gets mad, her head gets hot! She imitates all sorts of things with her mouth, she can twist her tongue (don't know where she got that, I can't!) and she's full fledged into the stage of pulling everything out of everything. Especially "her" drawer in the kitchen that has all her bowls etc. in it. Silly girl!

Aside from that...we are moving this Saturday. Stresssssss!! I had an awful tension headache earlier. I might call it a migraine because I had to keep my eyes closed. Took Motrin 800 a long time to kick in! I'm going to miss this house, our neighbors (Peeches, Mike and Chanel Ray...Yolanda...Kim and Darren...Larry and Sandy) they are all amazing! I'll miss Vae's pediatrician Dr. Rahe (Ray) he's amazing, he was sad to see her last appointment yesterday! I'll miss my sister terribly...I really loved living so close to her, we are best friends. Her and her boyfriend Byron are making their move to Cincinnati/Newport in late August for Byron's job transfer. So my family will be spread throughout Ohio! Me in Columbus, Amber Cincinnati (Or KY, wherever they find a place) My brother Nate in Dayton, and my dad and stepmom Sus back in Good Ole' Lima. All I have to say is...PEACE Dayton!! :-)

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