Monday, September 5, 2011

Crisp and New

I walked outside today and was overwhelmed with the crisp cool air that assaulted my nostrils. Fall is here! Or on it's way, at least. Something about the first day of a new season. It's fresh, like a new beginning. The songs on the radio take on a new feeling, stir up different memories than the last season. I'm now anxious for hot apple cider, pumpkin patches, leaf piles begging to be jumped in. I didn't really decorate for Christmas last year since I had a new baby and just didn't feel like it, but I'm feeling the Holiday spirit this year and I'm itching to hang all those pretty lights and snowmen! I can't wait to play in the snow with my babies and show them how to make snow angels :-)

Chris and I are knee deep in life and choices! We still aren't 100% sure where we'll end up. I think we will know more next Spring/Summer, as far as whether or not Columbus is our "Settle down" place. Even with his Associates degree he can go far, and he plans on getting his Bachelors when the time is right so that will only take him further. I am just anxious to buy a house and decorate and have a place to call home, instead of just saying I rent a place here or there for now.
I also find myself looking further into the future at times. Like Nevaeh's schooling, playdates, ear piercing. Imagining the little lady she is already becoming. She is such a lovebug, and I hope that never changes! She definitely loves her Daddy, but right now she is a Momma's Girl <3

I'm also happier. I'm keeping myself more relaxed, though I do still have my irrationally stressed moments. I'm kicking that mild depression in the rear and I am making myself a promise that I will not let Winter mess up that progress. I am getting myself out of the house, and I want to look into finding somewhere Nevaeh and I can go to meet other Mommies and Babies, get us a bit of a social life. I have made a very good friend from my Mommy blog,, but unfortunately she lives in PA. We have made plans to travel to each other once or twice a year, but I am secretly (Ok, not so secretly) hoping fate brings us closer together. It already brought us together via interweb. I really do think God played a part in our blossoming friendship. She is the friend I have needed. One who thinks like I do, holds the same values without being rigid. We understand each other and that helps us in our times of confusion and question, and sadness. We can be honest with each other about who we are, and we never had that awkward, beginning of a friendship stage where you wonder where the boundary line is. No "Proceed with caution" signs. Only "Leaps and bounds" of connection.

My best friend since kindergarten is expecting her second baby!! I am so unbelievably excited!! I knew they had been trying and was awaiting that special message, and I got it on Friday :-) I am Godmommy to her first daughter Lauren, and she is as special to me as all my nieces and nephews. I wish we lived closer so I could see them all the time! I think God and I need to have a talk about all these amazing friends of mine living so far away from me :-( Maybe He can help me create an Oasis where all the people I love can live together! I can't wait to know more about this new little peanut starting to grow in her belly. If I do her pregnancy pictures this time around, I'm creating 5 freaking backups of them! I did Lauren's and as soon as I finished editing the pictures, my Nightmare Roommate used my computer and caused a huge virus to infect my computer, and the guy who fixed it couldn't save anything and had to wipe it clean. I was extremely upset and while Kathy understood, I know she was heartbroken too :-(

On to photography...I'm trying to get my B Photography business a little more steady under foot! I created a Facebook page for it. I don't use it too much, since I'm only freelance and light time, but whenever I do a session I'll put the pictures on there. Hopefully I can promote myself more. I don't want to be a huge photographer who's so in demand I have to turn people down, but I am so passionate about it that I want to bring happiness through photos to those around me. I am doing my friend Kelly's wedding in March, and have already done her engagement pictures. I also had tons of fun recently doing my pride and joy's 1 year pictures :-) She's a little photo diva! I point that camera at her and she poses like she was born to! Probably why my maternity pictures turned out so adorable and she had been kicking the whole session <3

I'll make this a shorter post. Well, shorter for me. I just wanted to give a little update about my family as of today. We are growing and thriving and happy as ever! We miss all of our friends and family, spread throughout Ohio and beyond, but we are in the right place for now. Who knows where the road will continue to take us! We are very excited to find out :-)

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