Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jibber Jabber

Nevaeh is 13 months old today! She is talking up a storm. Well, jibber jabbering really, but she is mimicking very well and has learned so many words just in the past month! I wanted to write a blog about it so I will always remember what and how many words she can say at such a young age :-)

Dada/Dad/Daddy-It depends on her mood and time of day. I put her in bed with Chris in the morning and she smacks his back or his head and saids "!" Daddy is when she's being very sweet and loving, and Dada the rest of the time.
Momma-<3 or Mummmm, and the occasional "Ma!"
Up-This is the newest word. Sometimes she'll say Up, other times it's more of a "Peh, Peh"
Dog (Dah)
Kitty (Tiddy)
Moo (Moooommm)-I'll either ask her "What sound does a cow make?" or just point to a cow
Quack (Dadadaaaack)-I'll either ask her "What sounds does a cow make?" Or point to a duck
Whoa!-She says this when she says an airplane, because Landon always does that and so do I
Hi/Hey-for Bye, she waves
Baba-Though not so much anymore, since we threw away all the bottles when she turned a year, and she now has Sippys
Mmmm-for Food. She's very good at telling us when she's hungry. She'll find a spoon or bowl and set it in my lap and say "Mmmm"
Ball-"Bah" and she throws it. Like a pro! She loves to throw the ball back and forth. Also she'll find one of Landon's golf clubs and wander around saying "Bah?" looking for a ball to hit. Girlfriend can even golf.
Bark-The neighbor's dog barks whenever he's outside, and Nevaeh will hear him and bark back. More of a "Back, Back" sound, followed by "Dah" for Dog.
Here/Here You Go-Heh for here, Dee Doh for Here you go. She'll say that when she hands you something (Which, by the way, she's really good at sharing or giving you something if you hold your hand out for it!)
Muah!-more of a "MmmmmmAH!" but always followed by a sweet peck on the lips <3 sweetest kisser ever! She purses her lips and sort of bites your lips with her lips :-) Then she pulls back with a sweet smile and waits for you to say "ohhh thank you pretty girl!"
Speaking of...if you call her Pretty Girl, you are one of her best friends ;-) I've taught her well!

-She laughs whenever Chris farts. and you can't fool her with a fake mouth fart either, she knows the real deal. If you fake fart, she'll blow raspberries.
-She loves to share. She'll hand you a toy and say "Heh" then wait for you to say Thank you! then hold her hand out for you to give it back.
-Her memory is amazing. Don't think you can take the remote from her and expect her to forget about it, or to not notice where you stash it. She'll remember, and she will find it!
-She is right handed. I can tell. She'll hold things in her left hand, but does everything with her right.
-All of a sudden she's picky. :-( Where oh where did my foodie go?!?! I raised her on homemade foods and she'd eat anything and everything, but ever since she turned a year she suddenly doesn't like chicken, and a lot of flavors bother her. She doesn't like potatoes anymore. Please please please let this be a stage :-(
-Headstands! She does that downward dog yoga pose and looks between her legs and dissolves into a fit of giggles! She knows she's funny, too. As soon as she does something funny she bursts out "HA!" before we even laugh ourselves!
-She points. She'll point to you, which means she wants you to put your pointer fingers on hers. She thinks it's hilarious. She'll point to me or Chris and we'll either say "No, YOU!" and point back, or do the "EeeeTttt" thing. Either way she laughs.
-Still loving the "Nevaeh how big are you?" SOOOO BIG! She'll throw her hands up before you finish the question. Also she dances still, like there's no tomorrow. She dances to the washing machine, to the bathroom fan, to a whistle. Anything with any tiny scrap of rhthym, she busts a move. "Booty work" "Pretty Girl Rock" and the Hot Dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are her favorite songs.
-She reads like I do. She'll turn the TV off most of the time, and even if a show is on that she likes, she'd much rather read her books. She'll dig each one out of the drawer and flip through it, pointing to the pictures and "Reading" it to me, and she'll give me a book and wait for me to read it to her. I do awesome voices! Her favorite books are "Moo goes the cow" "Oh say can you say?"-Dr. Suess "Jungle Gym" "Katy Duck" and "Who am I?"-Sesame Street
-I have a feeling she's going to take off at a sprint the second her cast is off. She can stand on her own, walk along furniture, climb and crawl like it's nobody's business. I'll always wonder when she would have walked, had she never had the cast, though.

I may come back and add to this as I remember things, but that's what I can think of for now. And she's been hitting my foot with Landon's golf club for a few minutes now and it's starting to hurt lol so I must go find her a golf ball :-)

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