Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Projects

Summer time has always been my favorite season. When I was younger it was mainly because *Cue Alice Cooper* School's out for Summer! I loaded every day with trips to the pool, challenges with my sister on who could walk the furthest with our stilts, endless supplies of bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Vacations amidst the greatest vacation of all. Summer Break, Baby.
Now, I'm permanently out of school so I can sing the second line of everyone's favorite AC song. "School's out FO-EVA!" I'm still in that mode though. Something about summer time is just so much more relaxing than during "the school year." I'm loaded with projects right now, mostly revolving around Nevaeh's birthday party, but also with the house and especially our bedrooms. I'm slowly weeding out our hand me down "these will do" items and replacing them with items I choose myself from thrift stores or Walmart or the ever reliable Target.

1. Invitations for Nevaeh's birthday party-They are almost complete, I just have to glue the string onto about 15 more, then "sign sealed delivered." (Can you tell I'm in a real music mood today?)

2. Decorations for party-I'm making her birthday banner, butttt I think this project may be abandoned. It's turning out a lot cheaper looking than I anticipated, and spending any more money on it would defeat the purpose. I may just go banner-less. With the amount of kids coming to the party, it'd fast be destroyed anyway.

3. Lullaby books-For the love of all that is Holy, PLEASE go to this website!
It is fantastic. I bought 2 blank books. Literally, just a 5x8 white cardboard blank book. I made up a lullaby for Landon and one for Nevaeh, so I plan on illustrating those lullabies in these two books as keepsakes for them <3 Can't wait to get that project done!

4. Bedroom stuff-Whatever I find! Landon's corner of his room has been decked out with colorful circle wall decals, a metal colorful lizard that is supposed to be a lawn ornament but we hung it on the wall lol. Spongebob bedding of COURSE, but the next time we move we are getting him a twin bed, so I will probably be making him a quilt that fits his personality. Nevaeh's corner is more subdued colors, a mixture between pastels and bright (Brighstels?) A paper flower, her black wooden giraffe with color Nevaeh letters, and I got these paper ball lantern things to hang from the ceiling in the corner, that I might use at her birthday party as well. Pictures will follow soon. I'm still not sure what's going on with Chris and I's bedroom...I'm making a headboard out of the black bamboo sticks I got a few years ago, but I haven't found a fabric that I like to go with it. Once I get that figured out, a quilt will be made for the bed.

5. Pictures! I am finally getting around to printing the hundreds of pictures that I have lol I have a wall I'm making into a picture wall, full of frames. A few ideas for making my own frames with a fabric back ground and 3D pictures. Pictures of those pictures whenever it's done ;-)

Oh Lord! That probably isn't all the projects I have going but they're the major ones that came to mind. Busy busy! I have plenty to do during Nevaeh's naptimes (Which are less frequent nowadays).

Oh and one more thing I wanted to mention. Babies! Chris is seriously ecstatic that everyone around us is having babies, because that (for now) quentions my baby obsession haha! My sister in law Jackie had her daughter Isabella in April, my friend Becky had her daughter Naomie in June, my friend Beth just had her daughter Adrianna TODAY!! and my friend Aubrey is due in October with Oliver, Kellie in December with Estella Faye, my husband's cousin's girlfriend is due in February I think, and my Aunt Rachel is due in November I believe with a girl, and my sister in law Jessica is due August 12 with a girl!! :-D :-D babiesssss!! And I had a pregnancy dream so...someone else is pregnant. Don't know who, probably someone in the family (Not me I swear!) but I have NEVER been wrong with my pregnancy dreams. I usually have them a month or two before finding out who it is, so I'll know soon!

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