Monday, February 21, 2011


Home is where the Heart is. Where is my Heart? My Heart is in my husband Chris, in my daughter Nevaeh, in my stepson Landon, in myself. My Heart is in my family, and family can go anywhere.

I was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. Ok technically I was born in Bluffton, half an hour North, but we lived in Lima. Hell, I even lived in the same house for 12 years! and if that house ever pops up for sale, I will go to hell and high water to try and get it, and raise my kids there. Population...ehh 40k or so. Everybody knows everybody's business. I graduated with 85% of the kids I went to preschool with. My class had 87 students in it. My husband was also born and raised there. He lived all over (very literally, everytime we drive around he says "hey I used to live there!"

Neither of us are fond of our hometown. When my mom died a year and a half ago, my brother and sister took me out to dinner and said that my mom was worried most about me. I was 19 at the time, just starting my life, and she wanted me to be close to my brother and sister so they could help me. So I talked it over with Chris, who was then just my boyfriend, and he picked up his life and moved with me to Dayton, Ohio. We enrolled in school, got our jobs, got engaged <3. Of course then everything changed. I got pregnant in December, 2009, three months after my mom died and 2 months after we moved. Chris' son Landon was in Wapak, an hour North of us. My brother was working many hours and his wife had their first son December 26, 2009. My sister was finishing school and working two jobs. Unfortunately neither of them had or have the time to be the family they promised my mom they would be. I'm not mad at them, obviously they have to live their own lives. But Chris and I only moved here because of them. We hate it here. We never thought we'd miss Lima but it is a heck of a lot better than here! Everyone we've met turns out shady. No, I seriously mean everyone. Maybe we just attract the wrong people, I don't know. It's a hassle driving an hour to get Landon and his mom doesn't cooperate with it at all. She and her husband say it was our decision to move so we should have the responsibility of bringing him to and from Dayton...well, Chris had a long heated discussion with Ashley about that one, got it sorted out quick. Regardless of our decision, it is joint parenting and things will be dealt with equally. Not she does everything or we do everything. (I'm not dogging on her, I love her to death. It was just a disagreement that needed working through).
To put it short...we are moving back to Lima in June. I am not working or going to school right now, I'm home with Vae. Chris graduates end of May and can transfer to Lima until he finds a good job, whether it's around that area or wherever. Hopefully we won't be there forever, but if we are then so be it. I just want to be with my family.

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