Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Pink or Blue?
I've always thought there was a decent line between feminine and masculine. Especially when it comes to infants, putting the wrong type of green on a girl can cause a mistaken gender. Likewise the wrong style of blue jeans can get a little boy all sorts of "Aww she's so cute!"
Such a cute little jacket right?! It's blue, but has a sweet girly decide on the inside of the hood and sleeve cuffs. Pair this with a pink onesie and hat, and it's a very adorable FEMALE ensemble. Well, I thought so anyway. Vae and I traveled through the bitter Ohio cold to daddy's school to meet him for lunch. Out of the 5 people who approached us to awe over her, 3 of them used "he" "him" and "his." Ok...I get that she's wearing blue, and that could confuse people. I even get that not everyone would see the femininity of the design on the hood and sleeve. But she's wearing pink underneath it for pete's sake! (note to self, google origin of "pete's sake"). Chris said I need to stop dressing her in that jacket because everytime I do she is assumed a boy :-( Well she looks like a girl to me! And I get tired of dressing her in pink and purple, I like other colors, too! I don't restrain myself to just feminine colors, I'm certainly not doing the same for my bebe GIRL!

I really do like getting free stuff. It almost never happens, and when it does it's typically one of those cheap dollar store items that break within 20 minutes, or a hand-me-down (which I've grown accustomed to, since I'm the younger of two girls).
OXO Tot is a company that paired up with Our365, a website where moms can join together with questions, discussions or just good times oggling sweet little ones. I joined Our365 about a month after my daughter was born, and it's fast become my new Facebook (not that I don't spend my share time on there, too). They recently created a group called Mom Says Reviewers. It's a group where, every so often, they post new products not yet on the market, and the first X amount of people to respond will be sent that product to test it out, then all they have to do is send a response of what they think of the product. Well! I got my product today! A handy bottle cleaner with a flexible neck, sturdy brisles, a nipple cleaner and a stand so it doesn't have to lay on a yucky sink or dirty counter and collect bacteria. I haven't used it yet, so I can't give an accurate "Mom Review" on here yet, but I'm excited! Plus it looks pretty cool, and I'd imagine it's a little pricier than the cheap bottle scrubbers I usually buy. So from this momma, my personal opinion as of now is...it's free, so I like it!

When it's cold outside...WHERE is the month of May?!
I like style...I try to be fashionable on an extremely modest budget, but usually my happenin' clothes are dangerously close to out of style by the time I can afford to replace them. But please...do I really have to wear layers and layers 6 months out of the year?!

I stopped bothering to hang my coat in the closet, it saddens me to much to have to drag that door open daily, take the coat off the hanger, and replace it later in the day when I return from freezing my tail off. I fight the winter blues every year, and usually by February I've talked myself into just dealing with it. Of course, by February there's only a month or two left of the white crap and soon cool breezes that prickle my skin with bumps will arrive, followed shortly by the warm and hot sun beating down on my (hopefully) tan skin.

Time Flies
I used to get grounded from reading. Not TV, or from going out, but from books. I would read at least one book a day, burying my nose in the pages of hundreds of authors. Fiction, mystery, fantasy. You name it, I read it or wanted to.
My stepmom Sus got me this for Christmas. I'm about 3 chapters into it so far (hey, it's really hard to get anything done with kids, let alone relax and read!!)

Close your eyes and Drift away...
HA, yeah right, Mom! Nevaeh is entering her 6 month of life and she is determined to stay awake through the whole thing!

Her to die for eyes peel open after just a few minutes of naptime, and red rims surround them by bedtime. Luckily she is still sleeping solid through the night, maybe waking up once because she threw her paci to the other end of the crib and can't find it (I see a softball in her future). But naptime? Fuh-get about it! She refuses to sleep in her crib, probably because she thinks it's nighttime and she's not ready for that yet. So I'll put her in the living with me and then I'll very quietly go about my business. It's not a big deal, I don't work so I don't mind her being out with me, but hopefully this doesn't last forever. Imagine trying to go about the house with a one year old dozing on the couch! Uhh, not gonna happen!

I'm awaiting the arrival of my 5th niece :-) (3 nephews, and one unknown gender baking in another sister in law!) She is due in April, and I am taking Jackie (hubby's sister) baby shopping. Waaahoooo!! I love children, but seeing as I want to span mine out a couple years in between, I gotta get my fix where I can! So in light of that, I wanted to make a fun kit for her other 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys).

Crayons, markers, candies, decorate-me frames, foam pills that grow into animals when placed in water, and noise makers. This completes the baskets for each of the kids. Sibling rivalry is pretty intense over there so I wanted to put the same thing in each basket and just mix up the colors.

Well, that does it for me tonight! I have an awfully cute little person yelling at me from her play rug. "Moooommmyyyyy! Come play with me!"

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