Friday, February 25, 2011

Personality Explosion!

Ohhh 6 months, how I enjoy thee :-) You really make my daughter shine! Her personality is just bursting through like a warm sunrise on a cold day!

The other day we were at my dad's, picking up Nevaeh after my husband and I's anniversary. Dad and his wife Sus have a runt jack russel terrier named Sophie. She reminds me a lot of Spunky from the old cartoon Doug! Well, Nevaeh is not used to dogs, so everytime Sophie would bark, Vae would cry :-( I held her facing Sophie and told her it was ok, just to growl back! and then demonstrated by growling at Sophie.
A little while later, Chris (hubby) was holding Vae in a standing position, and Sophie came bounding up to her in her typical overly excited fashion. Nevaeh let loose with a war cry of babbling! Sophie stopped dead in her tracks, backed up and looked at Nevaeh like she was an ax murderer. Nevaeh realized what she did so continued shrieking and waving her arms frantically in the air, really showing that mutt who's boss! (I'll even post the video I took on here because it is TOO hilarious not to share!!) She now does this for everything that scares her. The squeaky giraffe toy, a sudden peek-a-boo she wasn't anticipating. War cry! "I'll show those scary things what's what!"

With the 6 month mark sliding across the plate today as well (Ahhh I can't believe it's been half a year!) Vae has also decided naps are for chumps. The past week her usual hour morning nap chopped down to 20 minutes, her afternoon 2 1/2 hour snooze stopped short at 30 minutes, and her evening hour nap didn't happen. She kept her eyes pried open till her 9pm bedtime and wasn't even grumpy about it! I figured her nap schedule would be changing around now, but really? Only a total of 50 minutes in one day? Come on! Baby needs her sleep and Mama got a lot done during the old 4 1/2 peaceful hours!

The Jumperoo is possibly the best invention ever made for babies. Ever since Vae discovered she has strength in her legs and can pump them widely, that's all she does! If you hold her she wants to stand up, be tossed (gently) in the air, or just spaz out by flailing all of her limbs and shaking her head like a crazy miniature woman. On the floor? Fuh-get about it! She'll get those legs going and have herself scooted clear into another room in a matter of minutes. I don't even want to THINK about the crawling that's fast approaching. She can get herself up onto her knees, rock back and forth, and one leg will make the exciting slide forward but she hasn't quite figured out she has to move her arms and the other leg too or else she'll faceplant (also hilarious). When I put her in her exersaucer (you know, the thing that doesn't move!) She does her very best to try and vault herself of it, and the poor exersaucer just can't contain all that energy! So, I invested in a Jumperoo, the one for the floor, not the doorway one as we do not have the needed framed doorways for it. OH MY GOODNESS! I set her down in that thing and it's like lightening struck her toosh. I thought she was gonna bounce right out the door! She is definitely way happier in this amazing contraption :-)

Then comes the stuff she can't figure out yet. This trait has Daddy written all over it! Like the wallet she can't get unsnapped (shopping fiend, already??) Her little brows will furrow deep over her huge blue eyes and her lips will purse into serious concentration. If she can't figure it out she'll either give a huff of frustration and throw it down, then move onto something else, or she'll look up at me with the insistent "MOM, do this for me!" face. If she DOES figure it out...I better hope she's on low solid ground cause this kid will jump out of her skin! Sort of like when I give her rice cereal hinted with a dash of cinnamon and she, quite literally, flips out of her bumbo seat because she is so delighted at the sweet taste on her tiny tongue buds :-)

Hey future! You're looking pretty exciting. I'm excited to see what's in store, especially for my little slice of Heaven!! (pun intended)

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