Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Justice is Served

My mother was the greatest parent ever to grace this planet with her presence. Ok, that's an extremely biased opinion, but after all, this is my blog! So the opinion stands :-)
She was constantly saying "One day you'll have kids, and they will turn out just like you!"

Now, to clarify, that wasn't always a loving statement. It was usually shouted/voicemailed/gritted through teeth or something to that degree. I was stubborn, independent, hyperactive and had a dimpled smile that could light up any room. That room would be so bright with my smile that nobody would notice my long little fingers swiping the marker off the table to scribble all over the walls when they turned their backs. To put it lightly (pun intended) I was Ornery.
Other times, that statement would be said as a comfort, or a promise. A reassurance that I would have the same privilage as she did, to be blessed with wonderful children who would brighten up my life with a glow that I couldn't possibly understand until said day. That reinforces my opinion of her being the greatest parent ever. But that is for another blog.

To make a long story relatively short...

Technically Landon Christopher is my stepson. My husband and I met 2 weeks after he and his exgirlfriend (well, then girlfriend) conceived him, so I was there for the whole pregnancy etc. (Surprise! Me and the mom get along great, but again, that will be another blog).
Landon has a similar personality to what I was, but since he's not biologically mine I can't legitimately take credit. He is just like his father, and I was just like Chris was, so I like to think my mother's curse/blessing came true after all.
(Landon was born July 30, 2008. 7lbs2oz 19 1/2 in.)
My pride and joy. I can take full credit for this one! (Well half, I guess. She does have a daddy!) Nevaeh Christine is everything I dreamed of, and everything my mom promised. Ornery, sweet, stubborn, a dimply smile that could light up the darkest room. She has barely started her life in this world and already I see her changing it more than I could ever imagine.
(Nevaeh was born August 25, 2010. Two weeks overdue and induced, 9lbs7oz, 22 in.)

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