Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hospitality at it's Finest

Anyone who knows me personally can verify that I am the cleanest slob you'll ever meet. My house (and when I was still co-dependent on my parents, my bedroom) is always a disaster area. When I get a phone call that someone is coming over, I go on warp speed and power clean like it's nobody's business. If you are ever to grace the threshold of the Smith residence, please do not be insulted when I banish you from every closet door ;-)
This is my daughter's room

hahahaha!! Fooled you :-) I WISH my daughter's room looked like this. The kid isn't even crawling yet so I have no one to blame but myself, but seriously her and Landon's room is terrible! I wish I could have every room look like Martha Stewart everyday, and some times it does (on a much cheaper scale) but it only lasts a day. And it's all me, hubby is anal about being clean and the kids don't use anything except what I set out for them (and then don't put away).
My theory is if my house gets to a certain point of's time to move. Which is not a very feasible way of living now that I have kids and roots. Luckily though, we will be moving in June so a total overhaul can take place then! I will try my hardest in the meantime to go through boxes, throw stuff out, give stuff away. Thankfully I know plenty of people needing things...and I apologize in advance to those people because they will be heaped upon whenever I get off my toosh and gut this house!

MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME HUMOR..."When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me!"
Well, in your face mom :-) no lawn mowers took off my toes! But a door at your lovely place of business back when I was 6 did take off my entire big toenail on my left foot. The culprit? My 8 year old sister and 2 cousins who said I was too little to play with them, so they shut the door on me :-( Well, on my foot. And then my mom had to deal with a screaming 6 year old while her and my aunt peeled the nail off of my toe, which was hanging on for dear life by a little sliver. That little sliver probably hurt more than the rest of the nail being torn off instantly.

MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME FORESIGHT..."Make sure you wear cute, clean case you're in an accident."
No accidents yet *knock on wood* but when I went to the hospital to be induced for the birth of my daughter (stubborn turd was 2 weeks overdue, and 2 doses of castor oil couldn't even make her budge) you better believe I had on my cutest lacy pink panties! Which was kind of sick humor on my part, because not only was I not wearing underwear 90% of the time, the wreckage that took place in that area was anything but cute or lacy! Even when I was discharged 3 days later, I wedged a cute (albeit oversized) pair of "sexy" black panties over the hospital underwear that came up to my belly button, with the monster pad and ice pack gently resting between it. Hey, when you go through excrutiating and exhausting pain like that, you need all the cuteness you can get!

and finally (for tonight) MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME JOY..."Always appreciate what you have, because one day you may not have it."
I took special advantage of this one tonight. The movie Mamma Mia came on TV. That had been one of my mom's favorite movies, and I remember everytime a song came on we would turn the volume way up and jam out (in an ABBA sort of way). So when it came on tonight, I honored the memory by turning up the volume as loud as a 5 month old's ears can tolerate and grabbed my bebe girl and whirled her around the house, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing too weirdly, all the while melting inside at the peels of laughter I erected from her. I have a feeling my daughter is going to endure (hopefully happily) a lot of re-enacted memories :-)

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  1. That's so funny I'm the same way. Except when someone calls to come over I say "You'll have to excuse the mess" but after I get off the phone decide to clean anyway, then they get here and it's like "what mess?"