Monday, February 28, 2011

What a floody mess...

I never considered myself a really sentimental person. I always love the memories behind things, picking up that toy and being assaulted with a past event when I was seven and wearing blue corduroys and had a haircut up to my ears. But I never thought of myself as one who needed to hold on to material things. It just isn't my style.
Well the flood we got sort of proved me wrong. A tree root blocked our drain pipe in the basement (we found out yesterday, 4 days too late) and the basement flooded with almost 2 inches of water. Ehh, no big deal. Two inches isn't much...Well,  it is when you have a basement FULL of cardboard boxes holding all of your things. Pictures of my mom, like the collage my sister and I made for her funeral. Presents from Chris like the giant stuff teddy bear he and Landon brought into Cracker Barrel while I was working on Valentine's Day. The jewelry box I got from my Grandma, and the box of porcelain dolls I had collected in my younger years (My Grandma and Grandpa had a porcelain doll store, they poured the molds and everything). Every year I would painstakingly step through the store, eyeing each doll with deep child scrutiny, until I saw the perfect doll that would come home and sit next to my growing collection.
I cried as I sorted through all of these things. Useless crap that I never looked at, never even thought of unless I happened to open the box looking for something else. "Out with the old, in with the new." I had always decluttered my house and "modernized" it, buying a frame here or there, finding a new coffee table or curtains. I love change, and the two easiest things to change are the decorations and my hair. But the basement had always stayed the same, piled with boxes of memories and useless crap that, for as much as I preach my lack of sentimentality, I cherished.
I brought this on myself. Seriously. For months I've been saying "I'll get to it." "Once I get the cabinets set up I'll get it all put away." "I just need to buy another shelf." Well, the cabinets were set up, I bought another shelf. And one box got put away. Then the motivation left me, or Nevaeh would start crying, or some other excuse would drag me (willingly) away and I'd revert to the first excuse "I'll get to it." Lesson learned, just a little too late.
It won't kill me, obviously. I'll get over it, and honestly I'm not really that upset. It's more of a "I really wish this hadn't happened...this really...really sucks."

On a side note...Landon wants nothing to do with Nevaeh this weekend :-( She, of course, is completely in love with him and is constantly trying to grab his shirt and mash her open mouth against his cheek for an extra sloppy kiss, extra slobber please. The whole weekend he's pushed her away (gently) saying "Get way baby sistuh." And cried to me that she was hurting him (right...). Not sure what this fit is about, but I guess I can't force her on him, and he usually loves her so I'm assuming (hoping) this is just a jealous phase. He was all about her when she was first born but then I think the reality set in that he didn't get all of Daddy and Beebee's attention anymore, and that doesn't sit well with him. At his mom's house, he has his older brother Anthony and older sister Shaylynn, but he's the youngest so he never had his mommy all to himself, he doesn't know any different, so there's no real reason for him to experience jealousy (at least attention wise). So I just have to keep telling myself that. Especially when he says the extremely hurtful "I wanna go home." :-( :-( that one breaks my heart. I understand, mommy's is probably more fun because she has a zoo (literally) in her house, and Anthony and Shay can run around and play with him and not just drool, and they were there before he was so he didn't have to get used to having the around, and Ashley doesn't discipline him (ie, corner, must eat his dinner) etc etc etc. I get it. I know he loves us. But still...ouch :-(

Floody hell weekend!! Bring back the sunshine and happiness pleaseeeee :-)

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