Friday, March 4, 2011

Army Style

Oh heels :-) How I am a slave to thee! Especially these, my newest splurge for my husband and I's anniversary! When I say splurge..I still mean thrifty. Payless, baby! 15 dollas. I don't pay full price for things. I also don't go for the mega heels that have my hiding painful winces with every step. Nope! I dig and find the super cute, super affordable and super comfy heels. No pain for this beauty!

Move your toosh!
Nevaeh has abandoned the slow scoot and ventured for the full throttle under-the-wire army crawl.
Case in point: Little Miss decided she wanted to find mommy. Not only did she scramble clear across the house, but of the four doors in the hallway she chose the right one to peek through to find me! Clearly, by the picture, even she was surprised :-) *I heard her coming and had my camera ready haha*

Emailed Chris' resume to one of the hot shots of Sherwin Williams. He'll turn it into HR and hopefully something great happens from there! No matter what, we're moving in June. Whether it's back to Lima or to wherever SW wants him. I can't wait to find out where the road is traveling next! I love change, and tell myself to keep a positive attitude no matter the change that is occuring. This one will be good no matter what!


  1. an hour North of Dayton, an hour South of Toledo, off of I-75 :-) Northeast Ohio