Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring and thunk-funnies

Ok this has been the coldest beginning of Spring ever! I was so excited for that warm spurt we got but it didn't last, and poor Nevaeh keeps looking out the window and then at me :-( Landon's going stir crazy, he's got so much energy packed in that tiny body that I try really hard not to get mad at him for running around the house like there's a firecracker in his big boy underwear!!
Speaking of big boy underwear...

I don't know why it's taken me this long to realize this, but Landon learns the best when it's something funny. Negative re-enforcement is used when he does something bad, like hit (we put him in the corner, smack his hand etc). And that works for that, but when it comes to learning things (potty, getting dressed) Positive re-enforcement only takes us so far, he usually just gets frustrated and storms off or makes us do it for him.

He learned to blow his nose when he was 2 (I think it took me a week to teach him) I'd hold the tissue up to his nose and then I'd sniff like a dog. He thought this was the funniest thing! Within a week he was cracking up and huffing out of his nose, which inevidably shot out boogers!
We taught him to wash himself in the bathtub by tickling him with his washcloth. Now he tickles himself and gets squeaky clean!
This latest task learned is by far my favorite. We've been potty training about 8 months now, We started a little before he turned 2 because we wanted to have a little progress by the time his sister was born (now 7 months old). He's got pee down pretty good, still some accidents but only wears a diaper during naps and at night. Poop was another story. He thought it was funny to either poop in his big boy underwear and fling it across the room, or hide in a corner and poop on the floor, or poop on his brother's bed at his mom's house (ok...that one is a little funny haha!)
So last night I got frustrated at yet another huge poop dumping into his underwear, so I took them and I tossed the poop in the toilet. Landon thought the THUNK noise of the poop hitting the water was absolutely hysterical, and completely lost it when he flushed it down the toilet and said see ya later!
This morning, TA-DAAAAA!!!!! He said he had to go potty while I was fixing lunch, and he knows how to take himself so I didn't think about it.
Then...the house started to stink. Like realllly bad. I turn around and out of the bathroom comes running this stinky half naked two year old screeching "Beebee BEEBEE!!" Woooooo!! He pooped in the potty!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I picked him up under his arms and twirled him around and ran around the house screeching and shouting hoorayyyyy!!!! Then I realized his bum was covered in poop hahaha so cleaned him up, watched him flush the toilet, get dressed and wash his hands, then discreetly cleaned the poop that got onto the seat while he went and played :-)

Humor!! Such a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of this way back at the beginning of his potty training!


  1. I want to go outside toooooooooooooo!

  2. I wish we could!!! Spring is taking too longgg!