Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beauty Products

Ok I'm in a blogging mood lately! On my Mommy Community website (Our365.com, amaaaazing website when you're pregnant and a mom!) We recently started a forum called the Baby-Free Zone (what the heck is that?! haha) and my favorite discussion on there so far is Beauty :-) sooo in light of that, I decided to make a blog about my favorite beauty products!

SkinID moisturizer and spot treatment. I wasn’t a fan of the face wash. You go on their website and it’s personalized for your skin type. I think I spent around $30 for these 2 plus the face wash (which I won’t re-buy)

Mary Kay lip mask and moisturizer. I always laugh when I do the mask (once a week) cause it’s white and makes me look like I’ve been doing coke or something haha. Leave it on 2 minutes, then put on the moisturizer. Super soft lips! You can use the moisturizer daily, but I use Burt’s Bee’s chapstick for that

Dead Sea is a great company. Really expensive and I don’t know that I’ll re-buy once these run out, but they really do work great! I think I can make something similar because they mostly use natural products. This is a mud mask and a peel, both of which I do once a month. I have their scrub which makes my skin impossibly soft, and their lotion and nail kit (Christmas lol, otherwise I couldn’t afford it)

Baby Orajel Naturals…obviously for Nevaeh. I like it better than the regular, it’s more organic. Seems to work better than the regular too

Baby Rub. I’ll use this before I resort to medicine. She has yet to ever be sick (knock on wood, say a prayer) but sometimes she’ll get a little stuffy or congested, so I’ll swab a little of this on her chest and she’ll clear right up.

Love this mascara! I have dark eyelashes but they’re thin so I need mascara that thickens them and makes them look longer. I like the brush too, it’s rubber (I think) so doesn’t get all nasty

Bare Minerals, bought from Sephora (love their makeup). I’m Fairly Medium and this goes on great, it’s very light and doesn’t clog my pores, but still covers any blemishes and evens out my skin tone (My skin can get a little shiny)

Envia. Natural hairspray, holds great!

Melaleuca. Swear by their products! They are super environmentally friendly. They make everything from laundry detergent to hand soap, cleaning products, etc. I love this hand soap, softens my hands and has a mint smell that’s not overwhelming. My mom used to sell Melaleuca so I don’t know where I’ll get it after I run out L

Almay makeup remover. Feels great on my skin, doesn’t have a ton of alcohol. The wipes are larger than I need though so I usually cut it in half. And Yes To (cucumbers) is my new favorite thing! Totally natural, it uses something from cucumbers as a soothing gel for your eyes. I started getting dry patches around my eyes from where my fingers pull my eyes to put on eyeliner/shadow, and this works great to moisturize it. Nice cool feeling!

Took me a long time to find the right hair product! Started using Aussie last year and switched to Aussie Moist shampoo/conditioner and my hair feels ahhh-maaa-ziiiing! Smells great, too

Burt’s Bees Pure Refining Scrub. Love it, it makes my face feel smooth and soft without that moist feeling. I like my face to feel clear and dry, and Burt’s Bees is a natural brand also (can you tell I like natural products? Lol!)

I discovered Epsom Salt after giving birth. I put some in a warm bath and it did wonders at soothing my…ahem…I use it in a foot bath too, my feet get dry patches especially in the summer because I’m always going around barefoot, and this acts as a scrub for that. I’m not sure how “natural” it is, but it’s salt so it can’t be too bad!

And lastly…honey! I use this once a month, either instead of the Dead Sea mask or just at another time. Leave it on for like 10 minutes then wash off with warm water. Makes me want to eat my face hahaha!

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