Monday, March 21, 2011

Subtle as a Boulder

So far in my post-delivery life, I have yet to regain my confidence in my body. I am not ashamed of the flub on my belly, or the stretch marks. I am proud of the beauty it signifies, and every time I look at my daughter I am that much more proud.
That being said, it does not mean I feel sexy. When my husband and I have our...ahem...time together, I tend to keep my shirt on. I used to be "plump and firm" in all the right areas, small and flat in the perfect places. I was sexy! Now everything has switched places, I'm lumpy and squishy and round. My husband...God bless a complete man. He does not get subtle hints, and it's even difficult for him to catch on if I hold a blow horn with a neon sign that screams ROMANCE YA DUMMY!!!! He tells me I'm still sexy and beautiful, but that's the extent of that. I believe he does think I'm sexy and beautiful, he just really has no clue how to show it! I need candles and a nice dinner and some pretty music. Hell even a spontaneous putt-putt trip would work! and I want all of these things without having to TELL him. Because even before when I told him, I'd have to give him step by step instructions, which kills half the mood right off the bat!
I love him to death, I really do. and I'm not mad that he's a manly man. and he is in touch with some parts of his feminine side. Maybe I should slip him an estrogen pill hahaha!

Making Vae's food is tedious. I don't mind doing it, but I feel like I'm feeding her the same things over and over. I can't wait until she can chew better and eat the same food as me! Instead of just apples, sweet potatoes, chicken, etc.

This weather is amazing! Unfortunately though, it's just making me want out of Dayton even more. I seriously need a change of scenery!! Hopefully Chris finds out something about Sherwin Williams soon, or finds something else. Until then, Vae and I spend a lot of our days outside :-) Just sitting on the porch feels great! I am excited for the grass to grow back so I can put her in the yard to play. Right now it's dead and brown, too prickly for her sensitive skin! Ohhh, and when it gets plenty warm we can put out the baby pool :-) It's large enough for me to recline in, I did that a lot when I was pregnant. So I'll be able to sit out there with her, getting her used to the water.

Speaking of water! I took a pause on this blog to give her a bath. Funniest thing! She loves to splash, and at one point she got so into it that she lost her balance and flew backwards, going completely under water. I pulled her out immediately and what does she do? Peels of laughter! I mean this kid was cracking up, and started flailing all of her limbs as if she were trying to dunk under water again! Little Daredevil <3 Needless to say I kept my hands a little closer to her lol, but I did still let her do her thang.

Dirty dishes are calling me now, so I'll cut this short. Maybe I'll get some romance tonight....BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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